How to Help

We rely on private philanthropy to support our research and clinical program. Your generosity will enable us to expand our programs and further improve their quality resulting in advances in improving quality of life and knowledge about adults with congenital urologic conditions,  improving goal-concordant care and shared decision-making between patients/physicians and improving understanding on how to reduce unecessary healthcare costs.  To help ensure our programs continue, please go to this secured website. Thank you!

If you have any question in supporting our research, please contact: 
Cia Glover, Associate Director of Development at [email protected]

Research Opportunities

Lifetime Congenital Urology

Are you a person or caregiver for someone with spina bifida, bladder exstrophy, or another congenital urologic condition? 

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in research related to lifetime congenital urology by emailing L[email protected]

If you are interested in participating in other research projects related to Dr. Lindsay Hampson's research, please contact her at above email.

Join the Hampson Lab 

For prospective investigators/researchers interested in joining the team, please email [email protected]